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[Cooperative Exhibition聯展]

Artists: Karina Clark陳思成\Jacob Tai戴宇廷

Artist bio 藝術家的簡介

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Jacob Tai, born in Hong Kong, began traveling between Taiwan and Hong Kong at the age of one. At the age of 9, he settled in Taiwan and began receiving his education. He is currently a high school student who loves photography, digital painting, woodcutting and multi-media creation. This year, Jacob created his first ever solo exhibition, "Saturated Oldies". It was very successful and well received. The four multi-media works exhibited this time are from the "motherhood" collection from the solo exhibition. The other key works are woodcut pieces, a craft HES been studying for three years.  The pieces are both classic and modern, the knife technique is exquisite, and the printing is proficient, fully demonstrating its full-scale technique that is suitable for both the past and the present.



Karina Clark is a budding young artist that combines her sense of humor, eye for detail and connection to the the profound in new and creative ways. She is a homeschooled high schooler that integrates traditional Chinese art forms such as calligraphy and chop carving, with digital art, watercolors and inks. I’m this exhibition she is showcasing some of her traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings she’s done over the years. 



opening event 開幕會

live calligraphy and merch making 現場書法寫作與周邊商品製作

 woodcut DIYs and live merch making 木板畫體驗與現場周邊商品印製

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