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Taiwan, named previously “Formosa” by the Portuguese which means “Beautiful”. This Island located in East Asia, is home to many creative talents and a diverse Expat Community.


This is an International Collab between 3 Artists from Taiwan, Uzbekistan and Morocco. Each bringing its own flavor, skills and culture to it.


This project is a tribute to Taiwan, to the Lost Loved Ones and to the Hard Working Women. Art wins its prize again as the Universal Language and Unity overcomes all the physical, cultural, religious, gender and age boundaries. Thank you Taiwan for making this possible!


Collab Artists:

- Jacob Tai, a Creative Artist from Taiwan and Founder of JJARTJJ Creative Agency. He has diverse Talents in Music, Photography, Videography, Fashion and Painting. All combined with Ethical Values and Art community support. IG: j.j_acob. Agency’s IG : jjartjj_


- Albina Alieva, a Professional Dance Teacher from Uzbekistan and Founder of Veil Poi Dance Community. Its a community that supports Unconditional Love and Acceptance Values through Veil Poi Dance. A way of Dance Healing for the Soul through a Silk Flow Journey. IG : Albi_Alieva Dance communitie’s IG: Veilpoidancecommunity


- MissArea, an Artist at Heart from Morocco with diverse skills. She loves connecting Talended and Humble Artist she meets to work on Unique Collaborations in a Safe Ethical Network. IG: miss_area

Director: Jacob

Producer and 3D painting Artist: Iverson Rangi

Associate Producer: La Benida

Musician: Boney

presented by eARTist PACK.

Directed by Jacob

Story by Karina

Filmed by Ny In Wei

Studio: M5-jjartjj


Angel of death

Played by Karina

Reaps souls. That's about it.


Cannibal nurse

Played by Tong tong

Met death when binging on fingers. Became quick friends


Dark web dealer

Played by Jacob

Often sells body parts to nurse. Also became quick friends.



Played by Xavier

Was once a doctor, met nurse and became reluctant friends with everyone. Died of covid and still has not forgiven death for reaping his soul Oh, and the hand the nurse is eating is definitely his. Music by Jack Hylton-Blue skies around the corner

Trippy O 「迷幻圓」

    Jacob    主演、後製、配樂與旁白

    胤偉    投影視覺設計

    凱翔    現場氣氛帶動

    萁宥    側拍、帶很多零食

    麻辣    假裝是藝術總監

    jjartjj    M5studio場地提供

    O_fish    感謝您得收看

    O_fish    真誠感謝您得收看

    O_fish    超級無敵真誠感謝您得收看

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